Everything you need is already inside. Just do it.

Bill Bowerman (quoted in Nike’s ad for Olympic 2008)

Enjoy your running, even when it’s hard.

My family friend who coaches cross country.  Best advice I’ve ever gotten.  Try to always remember that, yes, this sport is about pain and puking and hard 400s, but it’s also about love. (via nine-run-run)

the fact that I accidentally left out an apostrophe in “it’s” when I originally typed this crushes my soul

(via nine-run-run)

I’m a runner! I run in the cold, and in the heat, I run on the trails, I run on the street, good days and bad days, I run through pain, snow and sleet, I even run in the rain. Whether by myself or against the field, there is no option to stop or yield. You’ll understand if your a runner too, it’s just something we runners must do. So if you aren’t a runner please understand that If you ask a runner they’ll just say.. That’s who I am!

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